Epigenetic “Writer” Addition of Chemical Modification Recruitment Alteration of DNA-templated Process Epigenetic “Eraser” Removal of Modification MeCP2 AMBD1-4 Not clear - only putative targets so far: - MBD2 - TET enzymes leading to iterative oxydation resulting in eventual removal of methyl-cytosine Histone Acetyltransferases (HATs) GCNS/PCAF GNAT Related (e.g., HAT1, TFIIIC) Myst Family (e.g., TIP60, HBO1) CBP/p300 Family TAF250 Family Family (e.g., SRC1, TIF2) Bromodomain Proteins e.g., most HATs BET Family (Brd2, Brd, Bdf1) Brg-1 Histone Deacetylases (HDACs) Class I Class IIa Class IIb Sirtuins Class IV Lysine methyltransferases (KMTs) KMT1A - KMT1F (e.g., G9a, GLP) MLL Family (e.g., NSD1) DOT1 KMT3A - KMT3C (e.g., NSD1) DOT1 KMT5A, KMT5B (e.g., SUV420H1) KMT6/ EZH2 KMT7/ SET7&9 KMT8/ RIZ1 Royal Family - Chromo-domain Proteins, e.g., HP-1 like, polycomb like, CHD like - Tudor-domain Proteins, e.g., SMN - PHD Proteins, e.g., CBD, ING2, DNMT3L, PHF6 Lysine Demethylases (KDMs) LSD1/ KDM1 JHDM/Jumonji (e.g., JHDM1A/B, JHDM2A/B, JHDM3A-D, JARID1A-D, UTX) Histone Phosphorylation Serine/Threonine Kinases e.g., MST, Haspin, VRK, MSK1/2, 14-3-3 Proteins Seven Isoforms: theta, gamma, zeta, eta, epsilon, beta, mu Protein Phosphatases e.g., Serine/Threonine Protein Phosphatases (PPP2CA, PPP2CB, PPP1CC), Protein Phosphatase 1D, Eye-absent Homologues (EYA1-3) {{ board.text }} {{ group.title }} {{ text.text }} {{ button.text }} {{ group.title }} {{ text.text }}