Notes: 1:Clickable 2:Unclickable Mitotic Entry Eg5, MAP215,HURP Bipolar Spindle Formation Targeting of MioticCheckpoint Protein Cul3/KLHL9/KLHL E3 Complex,Cdc48/p97/Deubiquitiylating Enzyme Transfer of Aurora B/CPCfrom Centroemre toCentral Spindle/Midzone MKLP1, MgcRacGAP14, Myosin II RLC, RASSF1A/Syntaxin16, Ev15, BARD1 β, Centrosome Maturation,Microtubule Remodeling Chromosome-inducedMicrotubule Formation Correction of Error in Kinetochore-microtubule Attachment,Mitotic Spindle Checkpoint Activation CDC14, MKLP2 Intermediate Filaments Central Spindle Assembly,Cleavage Furrow Ingression,and Cytokinesis Chromatin Remodeling HEF1 Bora Ajuba PP1 GADD45a PP2A PTTG1 CNEP-A CDC25C CDC25B Katanine Histone H3 TACC PP1 Ufd1 EB-1 PP2A Hec1 Ndc80 MCAK TPX2 MAP215 INCENP Borealin CENP-A TD-60 Cohesin Chfr P {{ board.text }} {{ board.text }} {{ board.text }} {{ group.title }} {{ text.text }} {{ button.text }} {{ group.title }} {{ text.text }}